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‘The Walking Dead’: Top 5 moments from ‘Rock in the Road’!

February 13, 2017

‘The Walking Dead’: Top 5 moments from ‘Rock in the Road’!


"The Walking Dead” returned for the second half of Season 7 on Sunday, February 12. The episode, “Rock in the Road,” showcased most of the survivors. The Alexandrians certainly look fired up and ready for revenge. The determination of the main characters was a welcome change of pace after seeing everyone suffer for the past eight episodes. Here are the Top 5 moments from “The Walking Dead” mid-season premiere!

Rick meets Ezekiel

Jesus brings Rick and his group to The Kingdom for the first time. After a reunion with Morgan, Rick begs King Ezekiel to join Alexandria and Hilltop in the struggle against The Saviors.While Ezekiel seems impressed with Rick, he appears skeptical that he will find his proverbial “bag of gold” should he offer his resources to the coming war.

A King’s decree

After taking some time to think on Rick’s proposition, Ezekiel declines to join the fight. He claims the peace he has struck with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is too brittle to jeopardize. Most of The Kingdom’s citizens remain unaware of the deal with Negan. As Rick surveys the people of The Kingdom partaking in weapons training, it becomes clear that he will need their manpower to have a chance against Negan. But it could be up to Daryl to convince Ezekiel to join the effort.

Highway blockade

After clearing a blockade of cars on the highway, the group discovers a wire trap lined with dynamite. The setup was planted by The Saviors to halt an oncoming zombie herd, but Rick decides that taking the dynamite for his group could give the otherwise unarmed Alexandrians a serious advantage. The group narrowly escapes in a car as an explosion destroys part of the herd of zombies approaching behind them. Hopefully The Saviors won’t notice the missing dynamite from the trap.

Where’s Gabriel

Father Gabriel ponders over his Bible while on lookout duty in Alexandria. Suddenly he abandons his post and stashes all the town’s food and weapons from the pantry into bags, before fleeing Alexandria in a car. The only clue Gabriel leaves behind his the word ”boat,” which prompts Rick to head back to the abandoned boat he and Aaron explored in the mid-season finale. 


Refusing to believe that Gabriel simply abandoned the group, Rick leads a crew to track him down. They find some tracks in ground and follow them, hoping they belong to Gabriel. But as they enter a clearing filled with scrap metal, armed figures emerge from hiding and quickly surround the group.

What did YOU think of this explosive episode? Was that the best walker stunt yet? What did Rick see at the end? Tell us in the comments!

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